HealthCare 21 was established in 1997 by a group of like-minded businesses that understood the power in numbers. Coming together as a coalition to address issues related to healthcare in the market was once considered innovative, but now it’s expected. HealthCare 21 is a national thought leader and educator, and we, along with our members, are continuously working on ways to improve quality healthcare to benefit both the employer and the employees. We do this through a variety of different ways, including providing educational opportunities and customized analytics for our members. To learn more, contact us any time; we’d love to talk.


HealthCare 21 has been working with providers since our inception. As one of the original partners to bring awareness to hospital quality scores through work with the Leapfrog Group, our provider members stepped up to the table. They are a key member and hold an important position on our board of directors. Without providers at the discussion table it would be very difficult to do the work that we aspire to do. Providers participate in a number of different roles, contact us anytime to learn more, we’d love to talk.


HealthCare 21’s work and goals have a trickle down effect on the community at large. While a majority of the work we do focuses on how we can address healthcare issues to help employers save costs while improving the health of their workforce, it also influences the community. Our members' employees are given the opportunity to learn about a number of different issues, which include: diabetes prevention, smoking cessation techniques, the problem of narcotics abuse and overuse, then they are able to take that knowledge home with them to share with their family and friends.

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"CHI Memorial is a long-time member of HC21. As a faith based health system, we are both a provider and employer. The relationship we enjoy with HC21 is extremely important to us as we carry out our leadership role in healthcare across the region. It is imperative we work together with area employers as we all seek to navigate the ever changing healthcare environment. The resulting dialogue is essential as we partner in our work to facilitate quality healthcare for our employees and their families. Their wellbeing is our shared mission as we strive to create healthier communities across Tennessee. We value the message and work of HC21 as it promotes quality healthcare and value for its members.”
- Andrew McGill
Vice-President Business Development
CHI Memorial Hospital

“The City of Knoxville was one of the founding members of Healthcare 21. However, the impact of HC21 to the City's mission is greater today than it was then. HC21 has helped the City be more effective in managing both the health and the cost of healthcare for its own employees. Just as importantly, HC21 plays an important role in improving the quality of life in the Knoxville community and beyond. One employer is limited in how much it can improve the quality of health for its employees if the quality of health doesn't improve in the overall community, so we are in this together.”
- Gary Eastes
Risk/Benefits Manager
City of Knoxville

"Through the years, this relationship has allowed us to have a positive impact on our employees. We have benefitted from a variety of educational opportunities provided by HC21, such as the Annual Health & Productivity Forum, Pharma U, and Specialty Rx workshops. HC21 has consistently provided valuable information on timely topics relevant to the health and well-being of our employees, but also helpful in regard to cost savings to us an employer. One of the most valuable aspects of our relationship with HC21 is the community partnership it creates. HC21 members have different demographics, different needs, and different claims drivers affecting overall claims costs, but we are all a part of the same community. Working together creates positive change in behavior--change in payment reform, change in contracts--and we do this by speaking with one voice through our coalition, HC21."
- Christine Fitzgerald
Benefits Manager
City of Knoxville

“Our relationship with HC21 is key in our ability to serve the needs of our clients. Their assistance in the hiring and training of our Health and Productivity Manager allows us to help our clients focus on the reduction and management of risks. Their Data Coop reports have made a huge difference in our renewal discussions for the past two years. HC21 is also a great resource in Health Care Reform particularly around topics like Insurance Exchanges, Coops, and ACO’s. They are a valuable strategic partner for LBMC Employment Partners.”
- Ron Perry
LBMC Employment Partners

"Bush Brothers & Company is very intentional as to how we make decisions. HC21 data analytics, having stored many years of activity for our organization, helps us track our healthcare information over an extended period of time. This enables us to study changes within our population. Also, with several separate vendors, HC21 is able to collect all the pieces of our information and synthesize them into a whole picture. This type of assistance and reporting is invaluable for decision making and benefits management. This is why we have been supporters of HC21 since 1999. We, like them, are committed to the improvement of healthcare and the reduction of costs for the populations we serve."
-Andrea Baker
Benefits Manager
Bush Brothers & Company

"Life Care is a utilizer of the HC21 Data Integrator tool which allows us the advantage of a more straightforward definition of savings, and makes us the owners of our own data, even if we change our health benefits carrier. We also participate in the Specialty Drug Workshop with several other coalition members. These two HC21 tools allow us to understand the health status of our population and which new drugs will likely impact us before they are even released. This knowledge allows us to work with our PBM to develop a medically-rational protocol on new drugs; we don't have to wait for a year of experience before we learn about an issue with a drug. This timely advantage gives us an edge in providing the best care for our employees."
-Matt Golden
Associate Benefit Trust
Life Care Centers of America, Inc.

"With my background in accounting, having data to make decisions is extremely important. The Knox County Government staff knew our covered population had health risks, but it wasn't until we implemented the HC21 Knowledge You Need health risk assessment tool that we were able to see what our specific risks were, and just how significant. By working with HC21, and having our data integrated, we are now making our information work for us to lower costs and improve the quality of life for those we cover. HC21 affords us another pair of eyes to watch for opportunities within our data. The analysis provided by them has helped us make better decisions for Knox County Government and its employees. Our partnership with HC21 has definitely improved the way we manage risks and benefits."
-Chris Caldwell
Sr. Director of Finance
Knox County Government

"As a founding member of HealthCare 21 Business Coalition, Summit Medical Group views the Coalition as an integral part of the healthcare community. HC21 created a platform that includes employer and customer representatives from all areas of Middle and East Tennessee. Summit's affiliation with HC21 has allowed us to have an open dialogue with a diverse group of stakeholders regarding healthcare issues, costs, and quality that directly affect our community. Our partnership helps us to work collaboratively with customers to impact healthcare and education in our region. No other organization exists in our region to serve as a bridge for healthcare consumers, employer groups, payers and providers to work together for a positive impact on healthcare. Summit Medical Group is dedicated to our region, and our partnership with HC21 helps ensure our dedication remains actionable."
-Ranee Guard, PhD
VP of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services
Summit Medical Group

"Because of their familiarity with our claims experience, HC21 is able to bring to our attention viable opportunities. They mined underneath our seemingly average trend to find two distinct populations in our data. Via their reporting, we are now able to review these two populations separately, and we have used this knowledge to develop risk management strategies to best address those populations. Our partnership with HC21 has made all the difference in how we approach and manage some of our greatest issues as benefits providers. Through our work together, ORAU is better at managing costs and helping to improve the health of our employees."
-Meghan Millwood, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Director, Compensation & Benefits
ORAU- Oak Ridge Associated Universities

"HC21 has the unique attribute of offering a multi-stakeholder approach to problem solving. This method has proven greatly beneficial to me personally, as I had never considered many issues through the perspective of another stakeholder until doing so with the coalition membership. I’ve been the Treasurer/Controller at Pilot Flying J since 1992, and was contributory in the development of HC21 in 1997. The partnership we’ve established among our members creates opportunities and breeds intelligence that wouldn’t otherwise happen without the influence of HC21. We’re pleased to have this additional means to support our staff and our community.”
-David Clothier
Pilot/Flying J